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Acrylic Concrete Coatings

With Acrylic Coatings the color options for overlays are limitless. We can provide mixes that are pre tinted like paint or we can add the pigment of your choice during mixing to produce custom hues. Once the overlay is applied, our experienced installers can achieve more elaborate color effects, such as antiquing or marbleizing, by accenting the base color with layers of topically applied color. Some of the options include:

Acrylic Concrete Coating Samples
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Acrylic Concrete Coating Samples2


The application process actually begins when we first inspect your deck surface. We note the type of surface, conditions surrounding the surface, and special considerations, such as cracks or drainage issues and work with you in designing the best "look" for your surface.

When installation begins, the surface is first "prepped," usually with a thorough pressure wash to insure proper bonding. If surface cracks exist, they are saw cut open and treated with a special epoxy. For more severely damaged concrete additional measures are required, Wadeco being a Licensed Flatwork Masonry Concrete Contractor has the where with all to overcome any obstical on your way to enjoying a beautiful new and healthily concrete surface. All edges, such as a screen room base or pool tile, are then masked off with paper and tape for protection.

Next, a base coat of acrylic mortar is applied to the surface. This is scraped down and blown clean. After this, layers proceed depending upon the desired finished effect. A basic, solid color finish would have a layer of "lace" texture applied next, shot on with an air-powered hopper gun and troweled flat. This is then scraped smooth and blown clean. The system is finished with the sealing process.
Special tape is used to create patterns resembling brick, tile, slate, stone and the like. On average, three to four rain-free days are required for complete installation.

Where can Acrylic coatings be applied?

Our Acrylic Coatings are formulated for both interior and exterior use. It has excellent UV stability and wear ability, but should be protected with a clear topcoat for additional abrasion and chemical resistance and for easier cleaning. For the topcoat, we can use a water based or solvent based depending on the application.
Our Acrylic Concrete Coatings maybe used on concrete surfaces that may not take conventional acid stains well, such as areas previously cleaned with juristic acid or where a substance is inhibiting the chemical reaction of the acid stain.
For slab surfaces where extra traction is desired, such as pool decks or sloped driveways, we can create a non-slip finish by broadcasting silica sand, fine glass beads, or other aggregates onto the surface between coating applications.

Here are just of few of the concrete surfaces you can transform with our Acrylic Concrete Coatings:

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  • Walkways
  • Decks
  • Driveways
  • Commercial and residential floors
  • Shopping malls and restaurants
  • Theme parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Floors in childcare centers and schools


Advantages Of Using Acrylic's

  • Backed by the best warranty available in the market
  • Application down to 45 degrees
  • V.O.C. and LEED compliant 55 g/L
  • Made 100% free of any known cancer causing substances
  • Great for high mold & mildew environments
  • Available in a wide range of colors patterns and textures
  • Non-slip surface, stays cool to the touch
  • High UV and fade resistance
  • 8,000 PSI strength, Non-porous water barrier
  • Quick recoat time of only 4 hours

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